The Crew of Southern Belle, George, Melinda, and 14-year old
Joshua, welcome you to our website.  We will endeavor to keep the
site fresh and interesting, so check back often!  

Current Location

At the time of the writing of this Journal Entry the crew of Southern
Belle are in the Islands of Bocas Del Toro, Panama.   This Journal
Entry covers our continued stay in the San Blas Islands and our move
over to Bocas Del Toro, Panama.  Check out the links above for our
journal and photos.

Current Plans

In sailing, plans are best written in pencil, so no doubt  our plans will
change.  Our current plan is to continue to explore the islands of
Bocas Del Toro.  We hope to keep entertaining friends and family, and
hosting guests until next season.  After that..... who knows!  Anyone
who would like to visit the beautiful North Coast of Panama, anytime
is a good time.

About the Photo

This is a Moon Jelly Fish.  These things can get huge, up to 18 inches
across thre top!  As far as jelly fish go, they are not very dangerous.  I
wouldn't smash one on my face, but you can touch the tops and sides
without getting stung.  Here in Bocas Del Toro we have a small bay
that is always thick with these guys.  A group of dolphins live in the bay
and we were told they feed on these jellies.  Sponge Bob would love
this place.
The Adventures of Southern Belle
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Southern Belle was featured in the magazine Sailing.

The article describes a week in the San Blas. See a copy
of the article as it appeared in the online version (minus
the awesome centerfold of the printed magazine):   

Sailing Magazine Article .
Sailing Southern Belle
Bocas del Toro,
San Blas, Panama
Update January 2012